Plesiran Essence of Java

We foresee Plesiran, the Essence of Java by Hanging Gardens as an Eco-Green and sustainably friendly project, committed to caring for the environment and communities with sustainable practices and operations.

The idea of the concept of Plesiran, the Essence of Java is Javanese heritage that envisaged in various element of the Palace, Luxury Resort & Kampoeng, creating an iconic Javanese cultural envisioned. 

Also, to commit with the sustainably friendly tagline, Plesiran Essence of Java will utilize plantation, an eco-friendly features and ensuring Water Sustainability.

Our Plan

Four major strategies to create loyal customers: 

1.  Javanese Heritage and Culture In various elements of building, landscape and ambience
2.  Excitement, Thrills and Experiences of a Lifetime Such as zip line and funicular, event at amphitheatre, adventure, ect.
3.  A Sustainable and eco-connection to the land plantation area, kopyor, fruits and flowers
4.  Total Quality Management Professional and experience partners