Our Activity

In line with the concept of agro-tourism, at this time we have started several works in locations such as, construction of office joglo and angkringan restaurants, planting kopyor trees as the main commodity, fruit trees and flower plants. We have also prepared several infrastructures like water, electricity and road access and parking.

Plantation Area

The planting of kopyor coconut trees, fruit trees and flowers has been carried out in the main area in the form of a fan-shaped area. Meanwhile, plant nurseries are carried out at the Cangkringan location, 16 km from the Essence of Java location.

Joglo Office

The construction of the joglo office is almost completed on site. By adopting the traditional form of a Javanese house, this building is also equipped with modern facilities for the convenience of visitors and users. Later, this place will function as a show room and management head office, as well as a restaurant angkringan as a culinary tourism destination.‚Äč